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People all over the world know about the tragic conflict and dire situation in Kashmir. The scale of the crisis is such that the government alone cannot provide basic human needs to the impoverished and beleaguered people of Kashmir.

KIRF is the largest charity & NGO in Azad Kashmir, providing long-term development projects to help the people of Kashmir since 1992 KIRF delivers projects in Health, Education, Vocational Training (including Women's Development) & Water Supplies which provide lasting, permanent and sustainable solutions. Our work has benefited hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris. Our aim is to offer emergency relief only when absolutely necessary, but more importantly to provide solutions that bring self-respect and long term benefits to the Kashmiri people. The people of Kashmir do not want never ending hand-outs - their simple wish is for a chance to live their lives without dependency on others. KIRF's non-political and non-sectarian approach has led to donors from across the world to contribute to this worthy cause.


KIRF has for many years invited its donors and supporters to visit any of its projects in Kashmir. We passionately believe donors have a right to see how their hard-earned donations are being spent. If you are in the region, or will travel to Kashmir soon, please contact us and allow us the opportunity to show you any of our projects. Currently, the newly opened KIRF Community Hospital - Jatlan is attracting huge attention from our donors. We would be happy to show you the hospital as well other key
projects in remote regions. Please contact us for more information.

KIRF also operates a recycling operation and two charity shops to fund the administrative costs of the charity.


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