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KIRF is dedicated to provide health care, education and innovative programmes to empower women to achieve sub-sufficiency for underprivileged community of rural and far flung areas of Azad Kashmir.

Aims and Objectives

*To promote public awareness of healthcare issues and provide necessary medical facilities to the poor segment of the society.
*To provide educational facilities to the underprivileged children in the far-flung and remote areas of Azad Kashmir where there is no school.
*To empower women by supporting them in enhancing their skills through vocational training and establishing their own small businesses.
*To provide emergency relief to the effected victims of natural disasters.
*To provide clean water to the residents through launching water supply schemes.


To strive for and emerge as a sustainable support structure for community empowerment and, work with the people of Kashmir, particularly the women, the poor and marginalized segments of the society, to meet their immediate needs and, also realize their long term development goals.
With a non-political and non-sectarian approach, we aim to reach as many of the needy individuals in Kashmir as possible. KIRF strongly believes in supporting individuals to develop and improve their lives on a long term basis to enable them to survive without any aid. We hope to achieve this through the following areas:
* To provide adequate healthcare to those who require it.
* To promote education for all children and adults.
* To empower and support women in any circumstances.
* To provide livelihood schemes and support services.


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